What Mamaearth's Ghazal Alagh Learnt After Stepping Out Of Her Comfort Zone
What Mamaearth's Ghazal Alagh Learnt After Stepping Out Of Her Comfort Zone
Mamaearth co-founder Ghazal Alagh said it led to her seeking discomfort, facing hardships head-on and letting the tough times be her guide.

Amid the recent surge in global startups, India has also emerged as a powerhouse of entrepreneurial endeavours, with a notable contribution from women entrepreneurs. This transformation has led to the rise of several women-owned enterprises, thus serving as an inspiration for upcoming generations. One such example is Mamaearth co-founder Ghazal Alagh, who was recently listed in India’s top 10 youngest women entrepreneurs.

However, her journey towards making it to this position has not been easy. Speaking of which, Ghazal Alagh recently took to her social media handle, recalling the lessons that she learned after stepping out of her comfort zone.

In a long post on the X, the Mamaearth co-founder shared how she gave an interview for a corporate training job around 16 years ago as a fresher and then switched from an IT job to turn into an artist. Alagh also recalled travelling alone for the first time when she went to New York City. Last but not least, Ghazal Alagh spoke about co-founding the beauty and personal care brand Mamaearth India several years ago as a “new mother with no FMCG experience.”

“16 yrs ago, I gave an interview for a corporate training role. Without having any experience. 10 yrs ago, I switched from an IT job to an artist and went to NYC, though I had never travelled alone before. 7 yrs ago, I co-founded a beauty and personal care brand, Mamaearth India, as a new mother with no FMCG experience,” she wrote.

To conclude, Alagh outlined the things that helped her climb the ladder and become confident, resilient and determined. “I step out of my comfort zone each time. It led me to, seek discomfort, face them head-on, letting it be my guide. Each time I faced my fear and self-doubt, I became more confident, resilient, and determined,” she wrote.

In response to Ghazal Alagh’s self-reflecting tweet, many of her followers lauded her for inspiring others. A user wrote, “You are an inspiration for young entrepreneurs.”

“How many people’s life through mamaearth revenue has changed till now. That shows mamaearth future!” a user remarked.

Her post has so far garnered over 22,000 views. Notably, this is not the first time that the Mamaearth co-founder has spoken up about her personal life. From highlighting her struggles as a working mother to opening up about her own parents’ journey of struggle and courage, Alagh never refrained from sharing events from her younger years that shaped her.

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